Do you know choose and preserve baby spinach properly? Don't miss out and follow this article, Ant Farm will reveal some "tips" to you!

Baby Spinach

Spinach is a vegetable rich in nutritional value, tastes like yu choy, and brings many health benefits, so favored by most people, especially pregnant women.

Baby spinach is about 5 -10cm tall, the young green leaves soft and small; suitable for salads.

Baby spinach has effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, nourishing blood, anti-inflammatory, preventing cancer, good for the digestive system, etc.  Especially good for fetuses and pregnant mothers because supports development brain and avoid birth defects in the fetus, helping to reduce the risk of diseases during pregnancy while also reducing the risk of premature birth and preventing preeclampsia.

1. How choose buy baby spinach

Baby spinach has many health benefits. So choose to buy quality spinach you need to:

First, you should research and choose a place to buy to ensure the quality of the product because now on the market there are many stores and supermarkets selling this type of vegetable.

When choosing store, you only need to choose products that are green and fresh, not yellow or withered. At the same time, you should also attention to the expiration date and after purchasing, it must be stored in good conditions to keep the product long and quality. 

Finally, if you haven't found a store to buy quality baby spinach, try Ant Farm!

2. How to preserve baby spinach

Here how to preserve baby spinach in the refrigerator as well as other green vegetables for longer:

- After buying baby spinach, pick and wash it  to remove dirt (if any). Make sure that the vegetables are washed and no stains left on the surface.

- Then, use paper or a damp towel to dry. This helps limit moisture and keep vegetables fresh longer.

- Next, wrap baby spinach in paper towels and place them in plastic bag or airtight container. At the same time, tie or tightly cover the box. Make sure that there is no air and moisture in the bag to preserve the freshness of the vegetables. 

Demonstration of how to preserve baby spinach

- Finally, place the cooler compartment of refrigerator, note that the temperature in the refrigerator must be maintained at about 1-4°C (34-39°F). This helps prolong the life of vegetables.

Instead of placing them in the cooler compartment, you can also place them in the freezer to prolong the shelf life of vegetables. However, spinach is a vegetable that easily loses its freshness quickly, so use it quickly after purchasing to maintain its quality and nutritional value.

Above is how to choose as well as how to preserve baby spinach for longer. If you find it useful, please share it with relatives and friends.

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